North Pole Live is the most eclectic Holiday Music Station on the planet! Broadcasting live from a small room just steps from Santa’s workshop, hosts Holly Ivy,  Greg Nog, Kris Skellington, and more bring you an awesome mix of holiday rock, indie, blues, nu-standards, jazz, and more! And best of all, the playlist is THOUSANDS of songs deep–so no more hearing those same 15 Christmas songs over and over! Nightly specials feature holiday music from every corner of the globe. Happy Holidays from North Pole Live!




11/25 – Holly Ivy’s Home Cookin’

11/26 – Thanksgiving Day

11/27 – Ginger Frost’s Black Friday Shopping Spree

11/28 – Candy Cane’s Super Soul Straight from the Pole

11/29 – “Dude! It’s a Classic Rock Christmas” w/ Gregg Nogg

11/30 – Redd Green’s Ho-Hoedown


12/1 – “Sittin’ in with Santa: a Cool Jazz Christmas” w/ Holly Ivy

12/2 – Reindeer Dance Party w/ Kris Skellington

12/3 – Ginger Frost’s Vintage Collector’s Special

12/4 – Irie Time with Candy Cane – A Reggae Christmas

12/5 – “Merry Axemas!” Gregg Nogg’s Guitar God Christmas

12/6 – Holly Ivy’s Cowboy Campfire Christmas

12/7 – “Santa Broke My Heart!” w/ Ginger Frost

12/8 – “Christmas at Graceland: An Elvis Christmas” w/ Candy Cane

12/9 – “Balls in the Trees” w/ Your Uncle Otis

12/10 – North Pole Live’s Rockin’ Hannukah

12/11 – North Pole Live! Live! w/ Gregg Nogg

12/12 – “A Lone Star Christmas” w/ Redd Green

12/13 – Ginger Frost’s Tiki Party and Surfboard Classic

12/14 – Merry Christmas to ALT! w/ Gregg Nogg

12/15 – A South of the Border Christmas w/ Candy Cane

12/16 – Kris Skellington’s Hipster Holiday Lounge

12/17 – “Handcuffed for the Holidays” w/ Your Uncle Otis

12/18 – Holly Ivy’s Lowdown Dirty Blues for Christmas

12/19 – Get Down, Santa! A Stone Soul Christmas w/ Candy Candy

12/20 – “Earmuffs for the Kids” w/ Gregg Nogg

12/21 – Christmas on Bourbon Street w/ Holly Ivy

12/22 – No Batteries Required: All the Best New Christmas Tunes w/ Ginger Frost

12/23 – Candy Cane’s Trim-A-Tree Spectacular

12/24 – Come On, Santa! A Night Before Christmas Special Evening

12/25 – Don’t You Just Love Christmas Day? 

12/26 – Holly Ivy’s Super Tasty Hot Wassail Mix

12/27 – Christmas Around the World w/ Ginger Frost

12/28 – Sleigh Bells and Spandex: A Hair Band Christmas w/ Gregg Nogg

12/29 – Redd Green’s End of the Year Blowout

12/30 – Kris Skellington’s Super Swanky Martini Party and NYE Warm-Up

12/31 – NPL New Year’s Eve Extravaganza