Tasty Vintage, Killer Blues, Indie Rock, Primo Jazz,
and all of the best new Holiday Music

North Pole Live Nightly Specials 9PM Central

Friday, December 16
Gregg Nog’s New Country Christmas”

Saturday, December 17
“Holly Ivy’s Lowdown Dirty Blues for Christmas”

Sunday, December 18
“Merry Christmas to ALT Part II” with Gregg Nog

Monday, December 19
Uncle Otis presents “The Greatest Christmas Songs Ever Recorded…”

Tuesday, December 20
“Kris Skellington’s Hipster Holiday Lounge”

Wednesday, December 21
“Holly Ivy’s Winter Solstice Eve”

Thursday, December 22
“Christmas in New Orleans with Candy Cane”

Friday, December 23
“Holly Ivy’s Tiki Party and Surfboard Classic”

Saturday, December 24
“Christmas Eve with the Family”

Sunday, December 25
Christmas greetings!

Monday, December 26
“Holly Ivy’s Post Christmas Bummout”

Tuesday, December 27
“North Pole Live’s Rockin’ Hanukkah”

Wednesday, December 28
“Jingle Bell Juke Joint with Candy Cane”

Thursday, December 29
“Kris Skellington’s Super Swanky Martini Party”

Friday, December 30
“‘Handcuffed for the Holidays’ with Uncle Otis”

Saturday, January 01
“NYE Staff Picks Party!”